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Work With Us / Sponsorship Opportunities

The Wander To Baja RV Meetup will have the potential of reaching hundreds of RVers in person with the possibility of reaching tens of thousands of engaged audience members through our joint marketing strategies!

If you’re interested in our mission to help connect travelers with local communities and organizations in Baja that make Baja a better place and you see value in partnering your brand with ours, we would love to offer you the opportunity to work with us!

We are seeking activity sponsors to help offset the costs of the event as well as to take advantage of a unique marketing opportunity that places their products and brand in front of an audience with a built-in interest in their products.

Ideally, we would like to work with brands that have products relevant to the RV lifestyle that we will feature through both a digital marketing campaign as well as in-person products and services. We are asking for financial consideration and/or in-kind support for displays and product giveaways.

Although we think it will work best if your brand has a Baja theme or connection, we’re open to any partnership/sponsorship that aligns our vision and mission with yours. And while we are in Chapter 1 of our Wander to Baja meetup, we are extending our audience and professional digital marketing experience from Called To Wander to ensure that we provide your brand with as much exposure as possible before, during and after the event!


We have worked with, and are currently partnered with, some of the biggest names in the RVing industry and we’d love to help promote your brand and products/services as a partner/sponsor of Wander To Baja.



In exchange for participation as a sponsor, the event will provide a mixture of promotional content in both general forms as well as in specific reference to the sponsor. General marketing will involve the brand logo and description on the event landing page and all relevant printed materials.

Special Brand Marketing will include, but not be limited to:

  • Long Form video content (YouTube)
  • Short-form video content (TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts)
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Videography
  • Copywriting and website post-creation
  • Newsletter Blasts
  • Social Media features and shoutouts
  • Live videos at the event (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Special printed material and graphics (flyers, banners, signs, etc.)



We are seeking partners and sponsors who are willing to sponsor one or more of our planned event activities, join us as an event sponsor or provide products/services for our giveaway as an in-kind sponsor. Here are some specifics:

Station Concept 1: Pet playpen

  • Title Sponsor Cost: $1,000
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: $500
  • Status: Open

Pets are central family members to many RVers and are great ice-breakers when making new friends while traveling. The pet playpen will be an area dedicated to bringing dog owners together to socialize their pets and interact with fellow campers. We intend to provide a sizable portable dog playpen, dog toys, treats and other pet-related products for participants and their dogs to enjoy. Sponsors should be pet-related brands.

Station Concept 2: Bocce / Horseshoes & Kids Games

  • Title Sponsor Cost: $500
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: $250
  • Status: Open

What better way to enjoy the beach than to engage in a game of bocce and/or horseshoes? This activity will be set up to allow for friendly games to bring travelers of all kinds together. If interest exists from the sponsor, we would encourage competition for either/or/both activities with sponsor-provided awards to the winners and participants. Sponsors do not have to be activity-related.

Station Concept 3: Mobile RV Repair

  • Title Sponsor Cost: $1,250
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: $750
  • Status: Open

Baja breaks things. However, finding a mobile repair person on the road can be a challenge. This station is designed with fixing camper’s RVs in mind. We will provide an on-site mobile RV repair person to address the general best practices for RV road maintenance as well as to potentially offer on-site repair services for those in need. Sponsors should be in the business of offering products/services related to RV repair and/or brands that have an umbrella of products common to all RVers. Funds will be used to offset the travel costs for the RV technician.

Station Concept 4: Content Creator Break-Out Sessions

  • Title Sponsor Cost: $1,500
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: $750
  • Status: Open

Not every RVer is searching for fame and fortune within the lifestyle. However, quite a few are. These breakout sessions will give content creators the opportunity to learn from more experienced creators as well as to collaborate on specific projects that feature the sponsor/co-sponsor products and/or services. Sponsors can be in any RV-related field and must be willing to provide products/services for creators to utilize as part of their “homework” to create content for the sponsors as part of the activity. The sponsorship rate is higher as this will involve participants creating large quantities of sponsor-promoting content as part of the activity. Sponsors can be in any RV-related business.

Station Concept 5: Beach Cleanup & Trash Retrieval

  • Title Sponsor Cost: $750
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: $$500
  • Status: Open

We have arranged to have additional trash pickup, recycling stations and portable toilets on site throughout the event in an effort to have a minimal impact on the beach during our stay. On the last day of the event (Feb 23), meetup participants will be invited to team up with the sponsor and the Mexican Marine Wildlife Rescue Center to clean up the beach as part of the “leave no trace” policy for enjoying the great outdoors. Playa el Tecolote stretches over a mile and invites thousands of people to enjoy its sandy beach and turquoise waters each week. This will be an opportunity for participants to be proactive in ensuring that the beauty of Baja is preserved long after they leave.

Station Concept 6: Raffle and Promotional Giveaway

  • Title Sponsor Cost: N/A
  • Co-Sponsor Cost: In-Kind
  • Status: Open

The capstone of the event, on the last full day of the meetup (Thursday, February 22, 2024) will be raffling off and giving away a variety of sponsor-provided products and services. The format of the raffle and giveaway is described in more detail below. But the concept is that meetup participants will have the ability to earn participation in the raffle and giveaway by volunteering and/or donating to a variety of organizations as they travel the 1,000 miles down the Baja peninsula. As a “reward” for their volunteering/donations, campers will be given tokens at the time of their service that will be exchanged for tickets in the raffle and giveaway. Participants can use all of their entries for one particular item or spread them out among all of the other giveaway items as they see fit. The actual giveaway will be live-streamed and offer wide coverage for sponsors. Sponsors should provide products/services that would be in high demand for RVers.


We will work with individual sponsors to customize a fair digital marketing collaboration package in exchange for joining as sponsors. This means that all sponsors will receive a variety of marketing experiences to expand their brand awareness and, more importantly, to tie their brand to what we hope is considered a worthy cause.

Each digital marketing package is designed to provide sponsors with far more value than what we typically provide when marketing our services.

Packages will depend on sponsor contributions (whether co-sponsors or title sponsors of events) but will include the following considerations:

  1. Logo placement on the event landing page
  2. Logo placement and brief description of the brand on the “Sponsors” landing page
  3. One (1) dedicated newsletter mention referencing their sponsorship
  4. One (1) short-form video produced at the event (published on TikTok, YouTube Shorts and/or Instagram)
  5. One (1) integrated mention in the official announcement video and/or subsequent long-form videos published on YouTube
  6. Activity sponsors will also have one (1) yard sign displayed by the activity

This is over a $1,000 value in itself provided for sponsors at any level. Additional sponsor considerations will include:

  1. Additional newsletter mention, specific to the product giveaway and/or sponsored activity
  2. Additional short-form videos produced before, during and after the event at a quantity agreed upon with the sponsor.
  3. Products/services integrated into a website post(s) where the product/service is a natural fit (such as a post about “planning a trip” or “Baja packing list,” etc.)
  4. One (1) dedicated brand video released after the event outlining the impact that the sponsor and product/service had on the success of the event.

This is over a $1,000 value in itself provided to activity title sponsors.

Additionally, we will encourage true collaboration with our sponsors to try and increase the overall reach and impact that the event has from both a digital and physical standpoint. Thus the true exposure of each sponsor will be multiplied by the cumulative effect of all of the sponsors working together.