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We don’t believe that money solves problems. We believe that people solve problems. But money helps. And so we are using the Wander to Baja RV Meetup as a multi-faceted way to fundraise for the 3 organizations we are featuring at the RV meetup.

Throughout the RV Meetup, we will be accumulating a “General Donation Fund” that will be split evenly 4 ways between the 4 organizations. There are lots of ways that this fund will grow, as exemplified below.

But giving involves more than just money. So in addition to fundraising, we are also promoting volunteer opportunities that each organization may offer to travelers passing through on their way to the event.

The following are the primary fundraising activities that we encourage you to participate in:

  1. “Be the Change” garrafon
    Gandhi is credited for the expression that we must “be the change we want to see in the world.” We decided that we are going to take his words literally to fill an empty garrafon (5-gallon water container common to all travelers in Baja) with loose change that campers collect in their travels to the event. Throughout 1,000 miles, travelers will likely end up with lots of loose Pesos jingling around their RVs. We will encourage travelers to hang onto that change to drop into the garrafon at the event. To add to the excitement, we will offer participants the opportunity to guess how many Pesos are in the garrafon and we will offer a prize to the closest guess. All proceeds will be accumulated in the General Donation Fund.
  2. “Baja Give And Take”
    The fundamental principle behind Baja Give And Take is that we are encouraging travelers to invest time and/or donations into a variety of organizations throughout Baja as they travel down the peninsula. This will include the 4 featured organizations as well as dozens of other opportunities up and down Baja. We will work with participating organizations to post specific needs requests, including physical items as well as any volunteer opportunities. Campers who can “Take” items with them to donate will receive a Raffle ticket good for an additional entry in the RV Raffle and Promotional Giveaway. Those who are willing to “Give” their time in volunteering will also receive additional Raffle tickets.
  1. Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Donation
    Our organization is an affiliate of Baja Bound Mexican Insurance because we believe that the products they provide are the best for every RVer who visits Baja for any amount of time. As partners with Baja Bound, we will donate $10 to the General Donation Fund for every referral policy purchased through Baja Bound. Click here to shop/purchase your Baja Bound policy now.
  2. On-Site donations
    As we will be inviting each non-profit organization to present during the meetup we will encourage participants to donate directly to the organization(s) of their choice. Our goal will be to help the organizations have exposure to a new donor base that will hopefully commit to longer-term donations and support long after the meetup ends.
  3. Product and merchandise sales.
    Any products or merchandise offered for sale at the meetup will have 100% of profits donated to the General Donation Fund. This will include beer, mezcal and any t-shirts, towels, or other merchandise that may be custom-designed for the meetup as well as any sponsor-provided products and services they permit to be offered for sale at the event.
  4. Sponsor donations.
    We are encouraging all of our sponsors to commit to some kind of matching donation either to one or more of the organizations and/or to match the General Donation Fund to some degree.

We are excited to invite you into the act of giving and connecting with the beautiful people in Baja who are doing amazing things! Please let us know if you have other ways you think we can raise money or if you’d like to make a special donation to any or all of the organizations!