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The Baja peninsula is a playground for anyone looking for fun and adventure in the sun, sea and sand! So with the Wander To Baja Meetup, we want to encourage participants to enjoy beautiful Playa Tecolote while mixing it up and mingling with fellow wanderers.

While we expect a lot of the experience to be organic and to grow spontaneously, we also have plans for specific activities that we hope will encourage participants to get to know each other a little more.

All activities will take place at or near Camp HQ. If you have ideas for activities that you’d want to help host, please send us an email so we can add the activity to our list of great things to do at the meetup!

Here’s what we have planned so far:

Camp HQ8 am – Baja Midnight8 am – Baja Midnight8 am – Baja Midnight8 am – Baja Midnight8 am – 12 pm
ROADMASTER Beer Tent12 pm – Baja Midnight12 pm – Baja Midnight12 pm – Baja Midnight12 pm – Baja MidnightX
Pet PlaypenX10 am – 3 pm10 am – 3 pm10 am – 3 pmX
Wildlife Rescue Center TourXXTBDXX
RV Maintenance2 – 4 pm12 – 4 pmXXX
Bocce / HorseshoesAll DayAll DayAll DayAll DayX
Beach CleanupXXXX8am – 12 pm
Baja Storytelling12 pm – 4 pm12 pm – 4 pm12 pm – 4 pm12 pm – 4 pmX

Camp HQ: Called To Wander and

Come join us, Chris and Lindsay and our two Australian Cattle Dogs, Everest and Huckleberry, at Camp HQ where we will play host for the meetup! Not only will we have the opportunity to shake hands and get to know each other, but also we’ll have most of the main information and activities taking place around our rig. From the raffle and giveaway to the beer station and a whole lot of shade, we’ll host music, presentations and a whole lot of sitting around and enjoying the experience!

Station 1: ROADMASTER Baja Beer Station

We are excited that ROADMASTER, the leading name in RV tow bars and equipment, has partnered with us to provide FREE delicious Baja beer thanks to our friends at Mulege Brewery and Padre Santos Brewery! Come enjoy a cold, crisp ROADMASTER BLONDE ALE and get to know fellow wanderers who share the same passion for Baja! Each beer will come in a bottle that has a limited edition custom label celebrating the Wander to Baja meetup!

* Thanks to ROADMASTER, all donations will be donated as part of the general fundraising campaign for the featured organizations!

Station 2: Raffle and Promotional Giveaway

The capstone of the event, on the last full day of the meetup (Thursday, February 22, 2024) we will raffle off a variety of sponsor-provided products and services. Stop by Camp HQ to see what prizes are up for grabs at the raffle! Meetup participants will have the ability to cash in their tokens from their journey with Baja Give And Take, as well as to earn or purchase additional entries as donations at the meetup itself. Participants can use all of their entries for one particular item or spread them out among all of the other giveaway items as they see fit.

Station 3: Pet Playpen
In Conjunction With Cortez Rescue

Pets are central family members to many RVers and are great ice-breakers when making new friends while traveling. The pet playpen will be an area dedicated to bringing dog owners together to socialize their pets and interact with fellow campers. We are hoping to provide a sizable playpen, dog toys, treats and other pet-related products for participants and their dogs to enjoy. We’ve met and made some of our best friends on the road because our dogs became friends first and we hope to help you strike up some lifelong friendships at the pet playpen!

Station 4: Wildlife Awareness And Facility Tour
In Conjunction With Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center

Join our friends at the Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center (MMWRC) as they host an interactive experience at their tent at Camp HQ. Join a presentation to learn more about how to interact with wildlife, buy some great swag to support the organization and sign up to take a tour of the MMWRC’s nearby facility!

Station 5: RV Maintenance

Thanks to Jay and Jo – Mobile RV Repair

If you’ve broken a few things during your trip to Baja, our friends Jay and Jo are offering their professional services to help you diagnose and potentially repair your rig! While repairs are not guaranteed, Jay is willing to help you figure out a way to remain safe until you can properly repair your rig!

Station 6: Bocce / Horseshoes

What better way to enjoy the beach than to engage in a game of bocce and/or horseshoes? This activity will be set up to allow for friendly games to bring travelers of all kinds together. Although we like to keep things casual in Baja, we are considering a little friendly competition to encourage more participation and fundraising in the process. You don’t have to be a pro (and we hope that you are not!) to enjoy a little bocce and/or horseshoes!

Station 7: Beach Cleanup & Trash Retrieval

On the last day of the event (Feb 23), meetup participants will be invited to team up with the sponsor and the wildlife rescue organization to clean up the beach as part of the “leave no trace” policy for enjoying the great outdoors. Playa el Tecolote stretches over a mile and invites thousands of people to enjoy its sandy beach and turquoise waters each week. This will be an opportunity for participants to be proactive in ensuring that the beauty of Baja is preserved long after they leave. We want to leave the beach better than we found it and we look forward to you helping us do so!

Station 8: Baja Storytelling
In Conjunction With Called To Wander and

We are storytellers at heart. And as we’ve traveled through the Baja peninsula over the years, we’ve collected a lot of great stories that we love sharing. But this station is not about us… it’s about you and your Baja experience! We’d like to invite you to meet with us and share your story (on camera) of the impact that your time in Baja has had on you. Let us know your favorite places, unique experiences and any other life-changing events that have made your time in Baja a time you will never forget! We’d like to share your story with others as we promote the beauty of the people, culture, landscapes and wildlife of Baja!

* In exchange for sharing your story on camera we’ll throw in a few extra Raffle tickets as a personal thank you from us!