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About the Meetup

Join us for a unique RV meetup at Playa Tecolote between February 19-23, 2024 where we will celebrate the beauty of Baja while helping raise awareness and funding for non-profit organizations throughout the peninsula!

Baja is beautiful. And it deserves the opportunity to remain so. But with a continual increase in the number of RVers and campers spending more and more time in Baja year after year, change is inevitable.

We believe that we, as visitors to the Baja peninsula, must actively be a part of respecting the Mexican people, culture, landscapes and wildlife that make Baja so unique (what we call the “4 facets” of Baja). Whether we make it a goal to leave Baja as beautiful as we have found it, or to work with other campers to bring positive change, we all must be mindful that we are guests as we travel.

So to show our appreciation for the beauty of the peninsula we have created an opportunity for RVers and campers to come together to celebrate the beauty of Baja and our commitment as visitors to keep Baja beautiful!

Thus Chapter 1 of our Wander to Baja RV Meetup is birthed as a way to bring awareness and fundraising to key organizations in Baja with the goal to intentionally connect travelers with local communities.

Aside from all of the fun we plan to have at Playa Tecolote, we’ve designed Wander to Baja to be a truly interactive and culturally immersive experience from the time you cross the border to when you arrive at the event itself.

We will promote and fundraise for organizations throughout Baja with a goal to raise at least $5,000 and 100 volunteer hours!


To increase awareness of how travelers can volunteer, donate or otherwise positively interact with local communities throughout the peninsula. The event will highlight and promote a variety of different local organizations with the goal of bringing attention to, and funding for, the organizations.

The RVing meetup event will take place over the course of 5 days during which we will offer a variety of activity stations and breakout sessions suited to the RV lifestyle. These activities will offer campers the chance to interact with each other, learn more about the importance of making local connections as they travel through Baja and engage them in opportunities that will enhance their RV lifestyle.

The 4 Facets of Baja that we celebrate:
* People
* Culture
* Landscapes
* Wildlife


We have ideas of what will take place. But really, we’re leaving much of the fun up to our participants! However, we do have some great activities planned – culminating in our Raffle Giveaway.


We are keeping the 4 facets of Baja at the center of our Wander to Baja experience by adhering to the following principles:

●  Volunteer/Donation-centered. The primary goal is to raise awareness and funding for organizations throughout Baja that can benefit from increased traveler engagement. Whether you donate directly or indirectly, we hope to introduce you to the people who will be positively impacted by the generosity of travelers!

●  Fundraising for 4 Baja organizations. Targeting 4 organizations for Wander to Baja Chapter 1, activities are designed to benefit each of these groups with the idea that the success of this year will lead to more opportunities to impart positive change in future years!

●  Held during the week. Locals enjoy Playa el Tecolote primarily over the weekend and we are intentionally hosting the event at a time when we would not impede them from enjoying their beach. We recognize that we are guests and want to act accordingly.

●  Involving local vendors. While other meetup events encourage the entrepreneurial endeavors of nomads, we will limit vending to only local merchants who can benefit from the large crowd the event attracts.

●  Avoiding Mexican holidays and celebrations. Taking “Culture” into consideration, the event intentionally avoids conflicts with Mexican holidays and celebrations that would impede locals from using the beach as part of their holiday.

ABOUT OUR COMMITMENT: We (Chris and Lindsay with “Called To Wander”) have been traveling to Baja in our RV since the fall of 2019. As Floridians, the Baja peninsula immediately captivated us and we fell in love with everything about Baja.

In the course of our travels, we intentionally connected with a variety of individuals and organizations where we volunteered and used our influence to promote the various ways that travelers could connect with locals and have a lasting positive impact on each of the 4 facets.

As a result, we documented our travels in 2 different YouTube series that resulted in thousands of new campers making the decision to visit Baja.

Over the years we realized that the impact that we were having was not always positive. We discovered campers abusing the beauty of Baja and we realized that if we were going to be a part of inspiring and encouraging campers to visit the peninsula, we wanted to be 100% committed to preserving Baja.

With this in mind, we worked incredibly diligently to become the premier experts in helping people visit Baja with responsibility and sustainability in mind.

As a result, we:

●  Launched a second website committed just to RVing and camping in Baja,

●  Wrote a comprehensive Guide Book (available in paperback on Amazon as well as in e-book format),

●  Started a Facebook Group to help campers prepare for their first visit and

●  Offered caravan services to help lead first-time Baja visitors

The capstone of these resources is our Wander to Baja RV meetup, which we are offering as the most unique RV meetup in all of North America. The reason we can claim this is that we are keeping the 4 facets of Baja in mind for everything we are planning for the event.

The meetup is not just a place for travelers to socialize in a beautiful place (they will have plenty of this included!). Rather, we are being intentional about providing the opportunity for campers to interact with the 4 facets of Baja in a way that preserves the beauty of each.

We understand that change is not only happening naturally, but it is necessary. And we want to be at the forefront of shaping the way the influx of RVers will impact Baja over the coming years!

So this meetup is a way for us to combine our passion and love for the 4 facets of Baja with our desire to use our talents and skills to promote a more sustainable future for RV travel in Baja.