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Featured Organizations

Central to our mission of helping travelers connect with local organizations committed to improving various facets of life in Baja, we are focusing on the following four organizations:


Horses in Baja, formally known as Centro Equestre Caballerizas Paraiso, is an equine-assisted therapy program that focuses on helping disabled children improve their physical, mental and emotional health through riding horses. Located in San Felipe, the program has a huge impact in working with students at the local CAM school and is open to accepting volunteers and donations. Currently, the program is campaigning to raise increments of 4,000 MX pesos (~$225 USD) to sponsor a child through the 6-week program.


Cortez Rescue is a fantastic dog rescue in Los Barriles, BCS that aims to connect rescued dogs with new homes in the US and Canada. Offering a foster program in addition to its on-site rescue, the organization has placed over 2,100 dogs in forever homes since 2018. Baja is notorious for the number of stray dogs that roam the streets and Cortez Rescue has made a huge impact. They are constantly looking for volunteers and donations to support the program as well as local connections to foster networks and partner rescue agencies in the US and Canada.


The Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center (MMWRC) is an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and reintroduces stranded marine mammals and sea turtles. These stranded animals may be injured, entangled, malnourished or suffering from disease or illness. Each rescued animal is treated and rehabilitated at their La Paz, BCS facility and their services extend to include dolphins and whales. The MMWRC is constantly seeking donations to support its rescue operations and awareness programs.